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Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel

Taking Care of Your Diesel Fuel Today - Increasing Equipment Availability and Profits Tomorrow!

Modern day on and off-road diesel fuel is dramatically different than that of diesel fuel prior to October of 2006. Today’s Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel has ushered in several performance related challenges to the end user. They include:

1. Lack of BTU Content
2. Lack of Lubricity
3. Moisture Control Problems
4. Cold Weather Performance

Fuel Quality and Reliability: Sieveking Inc. has made the commitment to become proactive and “take care” of the diesel fuel.

The philosophy or practice of waiting to fix it when it’s broken, does not apply to Sieveking Inc.

Preventative maintenance measures are utilized by blending fuel additives into the diesel fuel year round. This insures that our customers can rely on consistent equipment performance with fuels that have dramatically reduced sulfur content such as in Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel.

Sieveking’s Premium Fuel Program means that lubricity and other performance related deficiencies of lower sulfur fuels will have less of an impact on over all fleet maintenance.

Fewer problems associated with moisture and cold weather are also realized as a result of Sieveking’s fuel program. The moisture control, cold flow suppressants and de-icers used in Sieveking’s Winterized Premium Diesel fuel package, allow for all season operability. Results will include fewer problems associated with diesel fuel and an increase in equipment availability, all of which translates into a stronger bottom line for our customers.

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Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel
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